Project |06


Project |StartHope@Home

Coordinating an entrepreneurial mentoring program for refugees. The goal is to support refugees with the entrepreneurial know-how and to educate them through a qualification program which is empowering them to start their own business.
Project |05


Project | Helpu

Leading multinational diverse talents to build an information and communication platform for the refugees to facilitate and accelerate their inclusion in their new hosting societies.
Project |06


Project |Projekt Brieftaube

In a team of 7 solution activists, we are creating a serial of perspective-changing documentaries by empowering the refugees to speak for themselves. We are thinking globally and acting locally. Thinking globally by traveling to the cities that have a high density of refugee population to meet them on the ground and interview them to know more about their fears, hopes, and dreams. Acting locally by feature their stories in short films and share it with school and university students to increase the awareness among them about the topic. To achieve this goal, we cooperated Amnesty International, schools and local communities that are concerned with the well-being of refugees and migrants.

- The documentary is embedded in the first picture- 

Project |04


Project | eBay Startup Cup

Co-organizing the first eBay Startup Cup in Berlin, with the motto of celebrating the diversity of Berlin and empowering the refugees and immigrants to express their ideas to the world.

Project |03


Project | Air-Flow

Develop a new product concept based on an existing system "Air-Flow Tester" and identify potential markets for the developed concept in order to strengthen its competitive abilities.

Project |02


Project | Bebot

Conception and Implementation of „BeBot“ Extension Modules by virtual prototyping and verifying their functions through test scenarios using Matlab, simulink and virtual reality tool box.  

Project |01


Project | D. Robot

Developing a robot that is able to distinguish between three different classes of boxes and transport each class to a specific area according to its color. This robot got the second place in the third Egyptian Scientific Forum, which is a national robot tournament for the Egyptian universities.

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